Friday, August 21, 2009

The Most Disgusting Thing Ever

There is a new post coming this weekend, I assure you. Something happened thought that I have to talk about real quick.

I buy a lot of back issues at my local Half Price Books. It is a phenomenal store and I love searching through all the crazy stuff they have there (especially the comics of course). There is a very major downside though which made itself apparent to me while reading some of the comics I bought there yesterday evening. I wanted to get out of the house yesterday so I decided to drive over to HPB to see if they had anything interesting. To my delight, the comic boxes had a veritable smorgasbord of new comics from the last couple months. I found a great assortment of books that I wanted to read (but didn't want to pay cover for when they came out). I brought some of them to work with me today to read during my lunch. That is when I noticed something; the issues are filled with crumbs and oil stains from those crumbs! Really!? You are so gross that you don't brush off the food that doesn't make it into your maw while you're stuffing your face and reading your comics, and then you go and sell these books still full of crumbs to a used book store!? Ugh. The sad thing is that this has happened to me before and I totally forgot about it. So, whoever it is that sells bunchs of new comics to the Half Price Books in Niles, IL., you are disgusting.

(Oh and I want to make it perfectly clear that this is not a slight on Half Price Books. I love that place, but I will not buy newer issues of comics there anymore.)

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