Friday, March 12, 2010

You got free money. What else do you want?

Last weekend and the early part of this week was an insane roller coaster of emotions for many nerds. In case you hadn't heard, Amazon marked down tons of comic hardcovers and omnibuses to clearance level prices. We're talking discounts as big as $100 books for $14.99. Of course, everyone scrambles to get in on the deals and message boards and twitter feeds are abuzz. Now after years of trolling sites like Fat Wallet and Slickdeals, I know when a deal is too good to be true and that there is little to no chance it will be honored. So, I too ordered some books, knowing full well that the order would probably be cancelled as soon as the pricing error is found, just in the off chance I could get some cheap reads.

Fast forward three days. One of the four books I ordered (The Old Man Logan hardcover for $14.99) arrives and I find an email telling me Amazon has cancelled the other books, but gave me a $25 credit for the inconvenience. How awesome is that!? Now I am riding a nerd high and thinking about what to use this free money on. I start surfing the internet to see if some of my fellow comic enthusiasts got the same deal. That is when my gears were officially grinded. I found tweets and message boards posts of angry customers saying that Amazon sucks and that this whole thing was horrible even after they too had received their $25 credit. What do you people want!? Handwritten apology notices? Bigger credits? A pound of flesh? Hookers? Honestly, what would make you happy? Amazon didn't have to do anything, let alone give you $25, because their site specifically states that they can cancel orders due to pricing errors. I just couldn't believe it and I needed to vent a little. We all had our fun this weekend and we all got something out of it. Be happy with that. Geez.

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