Monday, August 31, 2009

Spider-Donald and Daisy-Jane

Never before have two of my fandoms collided as massively as they did today. In case this is the first website you have seen today (ha, I wish) or you've been playing copious amounts of Batman: Arkham Asylum as I have, you haven't heard that the Walt Disney Company has bought Marvel Comics. I will give you a second to let that sink in...

Now before you run around like a chicken with its head cut off, yelling that Ragnarok has come and that we are all doomed, take a deep breath and let's think about this. Practically every message board, comics news site, and newspaper has been abuzz with this story and as of right now, there are a whole lot more questions than answers. How will this affect Marvel movies in the pipeline? What about Marvel Island at Universal Studios? Are the MAX and Icon comics lines going to disappear? I have even more questions just off the top of my head, but no one knows when all of them will be answered. Since that is the case, I think it is a smart idea to relax and think of the positives that will come from this. First, I think it will definitely help Marvel in terms of making new relationships with retailers. Disney could definitely throw some of the shelf space they have in stores to Marvel. Second (as I mentioned on the 11 O'Clock Comics boards where A LOT of people are discussing this topic), Disney is all about self-promotion and they do everything they can to make sure people know about their properties and products. Due to this, I would not be surprised if Marvel's presence at conventions and the like were to increase as well as ads and commercials for their products. Lastly, the biggest gain from Disney's purchase is the possibility of a Marvel/Pixar collaboration. Comic Book Resources reported that "When asked if there was potential for cross-polination between Marvel and Pixar, Disney said that Pixar’s John Lasseter has met with key Marvel creative executives recently and the group got 'pretty excited, very fast.' Disney will look at all opportunities and thinks there are some exciting products that could come from this sort of partnership." That is pretty awesome if you ask me.

All in all, I think us fanboys need to keep our heads on straight and wait to see how this will all play out, but personally, I think this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership.
Oh and one last thing. As for the title of this post, if they ever make a statue or something of Spider-Donald and Daisy-Jane, I will be the first person in line to buy one.


Matt said...

A Marvel/Pixar collaboration could be cool. i doubt Disney will mess with too much. there will just be a crapload of mediocre straight-to-DVD releases to ignore.

I'd love it if they did some Motion Comic compilations like the Watchmen one. That was way better and cheaper than the movie itself!

KatieShea said...

Thin young wannabe actors will finally have more character job opportunities in the park other than Peter Pan and Prince Eric.

Rick Hansen said...

Perhaps it will be a good thing. The massive merchandising hand of Disney now putting Mighty Marvel Merchandise in every store this side of Wolworth? I like it!