Monday, February 22, 2010

Insert apologetic title here.

I want to apologize to the two people who actually read this blog. I know it has been a very long time since I wrote anything, and I know that I have a track record of letting endeavors like this fall to wayside once I lose interest or when other things get in the way. To be totally honest, I think I have a little of both going on now. Let me explain.

Let's tackle the lack of interest first. I will be totally honest with you. Comics just aren't doing it for me for the last couple months. Now before you go all crazy and tell me how great some series is and that I should be reading it (ha, as if someone would take the time to do that), I know that there are great comics out there. I am in no way saying that there are no titles that still interest me. God, X-Factor is probably better right now than it has ever been. That's why it's one of the few titles that have survived the massive culling of my pull list, but sadly, many other titles have not. Partially it is due to the sucky economy and my newfound effort to reevaluate my spending. I want to be able to really do things, and the money I spend on comics every week could be used to do other grander things. My wife and I are going to London and Paris for instance and cutting back on the comics will help us get there. Plus, there is the space issue. Someone (I won't name names) has been pressuring me lately to starting selling or donating the comics I have. Past Michael would have gone ballistic, ran into the office, and starting hugging the longboxes and telling them that everything is alright. Now, I realize that it might be time to start getting rid of some of the books that I never plan on reading again. Who knows? Someone else might want to read them as well.

Lack of interest in blogging itself is part of the problem as well I guess. I have two really strong opinions on the subject that are fighting it out in my head right now. One half of my brain says that no one cares what some boring nerd with a desk job thinks. Kinda like a "You actually think you have something to add?" complex. Even typing this right now makes me feel like the emo losers that I hate. Then there is that other half of me that says I need this. Writing can only help me become a better writer. Even if no one reads this besides myself, it still makes me better with every word, so that's something right? I hope so.

On top of the fact that my interest in comics and blogging are not what they once were, there are so many other types of media that is vying for my attention. I think the best and worst thing that has happened to me recently is that my best friend, and best man, Carl, got Katie and I a subscription to Netflix for our wedding gift. Seeing so many great (and some not so great) movies and having the ability to watch some of them whenever I want has definitely been a timesuck in this household. Not only that but, I am even reading novels again. I have a stack of books ready to go including some Star Wars books, a biography of Walt Disney, and Katie's Kurt Vonnegut books. Lastly, the Xbox has been singing its sweet siren song A LOT lately, but I will talk about that in a second. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am trying to have a more well-rounded entertainment diet by digging into some of the other food groups in the media pyramid.

Now none of this means that this blog is ending. Quite the opposite actually. As I mentioned in an earlier post from way back, I want to retool and be open to write about anything I think is cool and nerdy. There will be plenty of writing about the comics in my boxes waiting to be read, but there are a lot of other things that I want to talk about (even if no one is listening). For instance, there is a reason my wife has been an Xbox widow lately, and that would be Mass Effect 2. I have never played a game like it, and I promise you there will be a full writeup of all of my Mass Effect escapades. God, look at me. I am actually sitting at a desk and writing. When was the last time that happened!? Now I just need to keep it up and I hope someone out there will read it, but if not, oh well.


El Dave said...

You should write about whatever you want to write about. This is your blog, not your readers!

Mike said...
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KatieShea said...

Sorry that last comment was me. I was logged in as you for some reason.

Anyway, tell me more about the culling of the comics <3 <3 <3

Mike said...

@ El Dave: Yeah you are right. Maybe I should start taking pictures of my action figures for some of my future posts. I think that would be new and totally original. I am a genius! LOL

@ Katie: Yes it will be like the culling of the Beanie Babies that you see on every episode of Hoarders.

El Dave said...

You know what?

I would like to see that.