Saturday, February 27, 2010

You can do some of the work, you lazy bums!

While I am writing my next post (and it is going to be a long one since I have a lot to say about the topic), I'm hoping to get some help from teh intarwebs. Here's the deal. If you are reading this, than I want you to toss out a title, character, team, storyline, year of publication, anything. The first one mentioned that I can find buried in my longboxes will be the topic of an upcoming post. Basically, I want to read something, but I want it to be totally random and out of my control. So post a comment, send me a twitter, yell in my face, etc., and tell me what to read.


Matt said...

How about my personal favorite: X-Men's Dark Phoenix Saga and how it compares to recent major story arcs.

Mike said...

Well Dark Phoenix is the winner by default. Actually that is fine by me because I already know what I have to say about it. Thanks Matt!