Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Put some Rock Sugar on me.

Geeks come in every shape and size and span the gamut of things one can obsess about. I am the first to admit that my weakest area of geekiness is music. Sure, I love music and I have gigs and gigs of tunes on my iPod, but I am not one of those guys that knows the names of every drummer that has ever played with KISS or knows where Mötley Crüe played their first gig. I know what bands I like when I hear them and that is as far as it goes for me. Now with that said, I have to gush over a new band that I just found out about. As soon as I heard them, I knew I must use my little outlet to the world that I have here and spread the good word, the word of ROCK SUGAR!

OK, here's the story. One of the funniest podcasts ever is Mike Schmidt's "The 40 Year Old Boy" which I have been listening to since the very first episode. Recently, a fan sent him a music recommendation and he could not stop talking about them on the podcast. That recommendation was of course Rock Sugar. Then days later, the band signs to a label and will start touring. Coincidence? Nope, someone heard the podcast and signed them. How amazing is that!? So I go on the band's website and order their CD and wait patiently for the mailman to deliver it.

"But Mike, why didn't you just download the album like a normal person?"

I was getting to that. Rock Sugar is not your normal band. They play "mashups." They still don't have the rights to put their music on iTunes and the like because they take songs we all know by heart, retool them, and mash them together. This might be too hard to explain in words. I think the only way for you to understand is to see it....

Now hopefully, you can understand why I love Rock Sugar.

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