Saturday, April 10, 2010

That was pretty "groovy."

It's only 9:18 in the morning and I have already had a pretty weird day. I was planning to go into work for some overtime, but traffic is so bad due to construction that my normally 15 to 20 minute drive would have taken an hour and a half at best. So, I decided to stay home, grabbed a piece of last night's pizza for breakfast, and read some comics. One of those comics was so good that I had to jump on the laptop and talk about it: Brave and the Bold #29.

I am quite the fan of the "team-up" books like Marvel Team-Up, Superman/Batman, etc. I just never got into the newest incarnation of DC's Brave and the Bold because when it started, the comic store where I shopped kept running out of copies and I eventually forgot about it. Now, I have been finding issues on the cheap and catching up and I must say that J. Michael Straczynski's current run on the book is pretty amazing. One off team-up stories with gorgeous Jesus Saiz art? Sign me up. Having just finished reading issue #29, I think I can say that I have found the best issue of the bunch as well. Now due to the fact that I was exclusively a Marvel reader as a kid, there is a lot of DC history that I don't know. The character of Brother Power, the Geek, is one such lapse in my DC knowledge. I had never heard of him before reading this issue. Apparently, he/it was a tailor's dummy that was exposed to chemicals and lighting and came to life during the 60's. is a comic book so you have to suspend your disbelief. The issue is really about the differences he sees from the 60's to now. Thanks to Saiz's art, it was pretty powerful. If you have a chance, pick up Brave and the Bold #29. You won't regret it.

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